Diamonds - Where Do The Best Diamonds In The World Come From?

Published: 22nd June 2011
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The diamonds are not expensive because they are scarce in the world but they are expensive because the authorities have a strict control over the markets that keep their prices up. There are plenty of diamonds on this earth because they are formed when carbon receives intense pressure over hundreds of decades beneath the earth. Diamond is a very valuable type of stones because it is the most beautiful, durable and strong stone in this world. Women love diamond jewelry. And it is a sign of elite class in the society. If you want to give a gift to woman by whom she gets the message of true love then there is no other perfect gift than diamond jewelry.
Diamonds were first discovered in India later on they were also found in South Africa in 1866. These stones are found in various parts of Africa. Afterwards, the discoveries were also made in Canada and Russia. The diamonds found in Canada are the hard ones. They have a very complex atom arrangements and elegant cut and clarity. The diamonds mined in Russia are in the coldest regions, near the arctic zone. Besides these countries, diamonds are also mined in Asia, North and South America. This stone is not mined in Europe and regions of Antarctica.
Diamonds are also available in different colors. These beautiful colored diamonds are found in Australia. These are the hardest ones in the world. The colored diamonds are rated according to the concentration of the color. The more complex is the structure the brighter color it will posses.
Whenever, you are purchasing a diamond make sure that it has a certificate of authenticity. Without this certificate your diamond pieces will be worthless. You should also consider the 5 C's of the diamonds that are certificate, cut, clarity, carat weight and color. Before purchasing you should have complete knowledge about them so that you choose the piece that is one of its kinds.
Diamonds can also be kept as an investment. The price of this stone keeps on changing from time to time so you can sell it and get cash in times of need. This makes diamonds very suitable for long term investments.
Diamonds are a girl's best friend and they also keep men happy. So getting the best diamonds for whichever purpose you find them feasible is now very easy, you can find the best ones available online; all you have to do is to look for them at the right place.
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