Chair Sashes – How To Tie Chair Sashes Obi Style?

Published: 24th August 2011
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When we plan for any kind of event we think about many things for example, budget, time, venue, food and decoration. Seating arrangement is one of the most essential parts of functions and as chairs cover a large area of the place so they should be attractive to eyes of the guests. Chair sashes make ordinary chair look special and beautiful. Usually we see well-decorated and covered chairs on big and formal events; chair covers are used according to the theme of the functions.

When we arrange a small function at our home for close family members, we often ignore this type of decoration and leave the chairs naked. But really you can make your close friends feel more welcomed if you put a little effort in the dιcor. Nicely arranged chairs with a sash brighten the whole scenario. You can even hide the worn out areas of your chairs by tying chair sashes on them.

Tying a sash on chair is an art. For a big function you can ask your party rental to provide you with well decorated and set chairs but if you want to do it yourself for your small gathering then you must learn how to tie the sash nicely. If the strip of cloth is not tied up neatly it would make your chair look even more untidy.

There are different styles to beautify the chairs through different knots such as flip, bow or simple knot but one style that is becoming very popular among people is Obi style. You can also learn this type of dressing for your chair in a few steps.

1. The first step is like any other style; find the center of the sash. Cover the front side of the chair back with the strip. Make sure that the right part should be a few inches longer than the left one.
2. Tie a knot as you do while tying shoe lace.
3. Take the longer side and wrap over your left hand with your palm facing towards to you.
4. Take the right side with your right hand and wrap around the left tail.
5. Take it around the front, under the hand and around the back.
6. Now tuck the right end under itself, in the front.
7. Tight the knot by pulling the loop on the right tail.

This is how you can tie the chair sashes in Obi style. By using nice fabric and good colors you can make your ordinary chairs look more beautiful.

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